Cardboard corners

Cardboard corners

Always in stock:

Cardboard corners (2" X 2" X 48")

Packs of 40, or lots of 820

You can custom order several other sizes and thicknesses.

Our cardboard corners are obtained by laminating several layers of cardboard until we obtain the optimal rigidity required by the weight of the merchandise it is meant to transport.

These cardboard corners are used:

  1. Vertically, to reinforce the angles of your loading platforms, which reduces the risk of breakage during transportation.
  2. Horizontally, to protect your merchandise against the nylon straps with metallic parts which are tightened around your pallets of merchandise.
Item #
COIN CARTON 2 X 2 48" (40)
COIN 2 X 2 48" (PALETTRE/820)